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About Us

We are a New startup company, though our parent company, Mattrix International, has been in business since the year 2009. REY'S MAJIC is a Cosmetic Beauty Skin Care Store.

Rey's Majic was born out of the simple idea to combine Ayurveda expertise of our ancients and infuse the products with modern skin care research based vitamins and nutrients, all naturally derived free of harmful chemicals. We take pride in our ANCIENT roots and at the same time welcome new RESEARCH STUDY based ideas for maximum efficacy and high quality products.

Our products are Organic, NO Harmful Chemicals, Environment Friendly Packaging and this is because of dedication to our customers, and are thrilled to present skincare products that are high on efficacy. We plan to introduce new products every few months and YOU are important for us, so if you have some specific skin or beauty concerns, please do write to us and when we formulate new cosmetic beauty products we will keep your concerns in our mind. 


As stated, we would launch our own brand with our own specifications.

We are using glass jars/ pump bottles for packaging to keep the efficacy of active ingredients of our products. Glass bottles contain no harmful chemicals, so there is no need to worry about chemicals leaching into your skin care products.

We are using science backed and dermatalogists approved ingredients in our products namely,  Linoleic Acid, Hyaluronic acid, Niacinamide, Glutathione, Olive Fruit Oil, carrot  seed oil, aloe vera, ethyl macadamiate, Lecithin, Glycine, Soja (soyabean) sterols, ceramides, squalenes, amino acids.

No fragrance. Fragrances in skin care products can lead to dermatitis and other skin problems. 

No parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, synthetic fragrances or harmful chemicals.

About the founder

Sunita Chabra, the founder of the Cosmetic Beauty Brand, Rey's Majic, has chemistry background and has motto

“Beauty is being comfortable and confident in your own skin.”

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